Friday, July 16, 2010

Can't Live Without My Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer

As a cupcake baker it was important to me to know what I was going to need to start my venture.   I purchased my Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer about a couple of years ago in the color red.  At first I was afraid to use it because it kind of intimated me.  Here was this beautiful red mixer sitting on my counter and I was afraid to use it.  

At first I started off slowly to familiarize myself with everything it can do and boy can it do alot!   Mine came with 4 attachments such as,  a dough hook, wire whip, flat beater, splash cover.   Mashed potatoes were my first experiment, and I never turned back! 

I started using it for all my homemade cake batters and frosting's and still marvel at the ease and versatility.  It makes all my cupcake projects easier because of its multiple speeds, versatile accessories, and easy clean up.   So now besides sitting on my kitchen counter it now serves as my number one kitchen accessory I cannot live without! 

You can find great Kitchen Aid mixers at for less than retail and come in over 32 colors!  You have to see all the colors to believe it! 

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Exploring My Creativity Through Cupcakes

I decided to start this blog for the purpose of having a portfolio to showcase my homemade cupcake creations.   I am not by any means a professional baker or had any formal training.  My training comes from family recipes and my passion for baking, lots of it self taught.   By nature I am a creative person and I thrive on something I can make from scratch, taking simple ingredients like sugar, flour and eggs in its simplist form and creating a work of art that not only looks good but taste divine and makes people smile. 

As I create a new design or flavor I will be posting and writing about it with a short story, thus my online Cupcake Portfolio.    I also publish two other blogs at blogspot.  justfoodsnobs and happyheartgift.